About Us

noFillers was unexpectedly created by Charles Gordon Jr just a regular guy from a small town in Southeast GA, and this…. Is definitely not how I'm writing this about us page! I was thinking we could throw on a t-shirt and be a little more casual than your average company. So the story of how noFillers started was with my face crashing into a keyboard, I know thats a  strange way to create a company. Picking my head up, I rubbed the blurriness from my eyes and glanced at the monitor. I'm sure like most of you have experienced, I was actually waking up from a suggested video binge on YouTube.. So I definitely wasn't expecting to watch a video about Successful brands i.e. Supreme, Apple, or Vans, but I had just woken up… So screw it. Long story short I watched it and then…... I was hit with so many questions and ideas.
But... before that!
Take a quick break from reading and enjoy this fire Naruto Amv.
Where are all the anime brands??
One of those many questions being are there any brands that represent my fellow Naruto Otaku out there? Not just a Clothing brand but a community for fans that love every amazing and horrible feeling that anime gave us. A community where we can post pictures or videos, debate plot and character development, and overall just keep one of the most popular anime from fading to black.  Sadly the answer was a quick and resounding Hell No. The only thing close are stores that slap our favorite characters on T-shirts and shove them in our faces. Not that much thought and definitely not much of a community. Don't get me wrong I have my fair share of Naruto merch, but there is little emotion invested in that stuff, and I always felt like those businesses just want to make a shirt to sell as supposed to making the next design for its fan base. I wanted to create something that was relatable and recognizable just to us! Something that we as fans can be proud of to wear and represent. Something where the fans decide the next design!
The gist of what I'm rambling about!
I took that emotion that Naruto pulled from us through all those years and bottled it up. So that every time you pick up a piece of noFillers clothing you crack that bottle open again, and the Naruto nostalgia faintly drifts back. Whether in passing, on the street, or scrolling through your timeline when you see the logo know you are part of a very rare group of people in the world that watch and love anime, and an even smaller group that are just a tad bit obsessed with Naruto. All in all we anime fans are open-minded and we are the abnormal in the world. So let’s embrace those dope ass traits together.